You can count on that.

No chemistry

In the field of textile cleaning, chemical solvents are not used. Instead, a system is used which cleans on the basis of silicone (won from sand). The product is absolutely environmentally friendly and does not pose any danger to people who come into contact with it.

Voluntary climate protection

In cooperation with the Energy Agency, company-specific measures to reduce CO2 emissions and energy consumption are defined annually. The implementation is checked periodically by the Energy Agency.

Removal of the hangers

Customers can return the hangers in all stores and at all mobile locations. In addition, employees are trained to sensitize customers to this topic.

No plastic (coming soon)

No plastic foils are used to protect the cleaned textiles. We use foils made from potato starch. The material has the same properties as plastic, but is 100% biodegradable.

Reduced detergent consumption

The use of professional dosing pumps ensures that the consumption of detergent is ideally matched to the textile quantity and thus reduced to a minimum. This measure is supported by the consistent use of water softening machines.