Execution and Performance

We are committed to professional, careful, material-friendly and environmentally friendly textile care. By placing an order, you accept these general terms and conditions. In addition, the general terms and conditions of the Swiss Textile Care Association apply. In the event of missing or incomplete or incorrectly filled out order forms, the quantity counted by Cleaning Store shall be decisive for the delivery, return and invoicing.


In spite of previous professional and simple inspection of the goods, we cannot be held responsible for any damage caused by an unrecognizable condition or hidden defects, such as insufficient strength of the material or the seams, authenticity of dyeing and printing, influences on buttons, etc. or by a faulty textile care label. A liability for dimensional or colour changes of fabrics and knitted fabrics within the usual tolerance range is excluded. Cleaning Store is entitled to accept an order with reservation. A guarantee of success is excluded. If an error is detected during or after the dry-cleaning, the compensation value for a damaged clothe is limited to a maximum of CHF 400.–.


We make every effort to meet the agreed delivery dates. Delays do not entitle to claims for damages. The delivery of the item will only be made against payment and return of the receipt. The cleaning goods must be collected within six months after the order is placed. If the collection does not take place within this period, the textile caregiver can dispose of it without replacement. If an order cannot be executed, the garment is returned in its current condition.


Complaints must be made by presenting the receipt and the original order form, immediately, at the latest within 7 working days. Complaints are carefully examined and substantiated and the further procedure (follow-up treatment, handover for appraisal and arbitration to the Joint Settlement Body) is determined, if possible in agreement with the customer. Any compensation for damage to or loss of the article is calculated in accordance with the fair value table for the depreciation of textile care articles. A real replacement is excluded.